Allure designs is an award-winning residential interior design firm with
projects from large customs to small dated rooms that need a lift-up of
creative solution. We pride ourselves on the excellence and reliability of our
work and believe that open communication with our clients is the best way
for us to exceed their expectations. Allure designs was established in 2006
by its founder and owner award-winning designer Luz Marina Selles.
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Remodeling and Home Design
Luz Marina Selles is an experienced designer of residential
interiors, as well as kitchen and bath designs. She has a
great knowledge of architectural drafting and technical
skill in CAD, as well as extensive knowledge in the
construction process. Luz Marina received her Associated
Degree in Interior Design at Scottsdale Community College
and her Bachelor Degree in Business Management at the
University of Panama. After gaining experience working in
a Scottsdale-based residential and commercial architecture
firm, Luz Marina decided to create spaces into remarkable
interiors by herself and started her own firm of Interior
Design in 2006.
Our philosophy is based on that beauty and functionality are essential
parts to achieve a display of harmony and unity on each of our designs.
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ASID, Allied Member